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Repair, Calibration, and Validation Services

L&C Science and Technology offers additional services as repair, clibration, and validations services for Pressure Swing Adsorption products, Humidity Generators products as well as Sorption Analyzer products

Our technical staff has years of experience providing services and technical support in the field for all these products, L&C offers services on demand as well as agreement that includes annual calibration and repair services as needed..

  • Repair
  • Calibration and Validation on demand
  • Training - Best practices to mantain, verify, and operate your instrument
  • Contract plan that includes labor, parts, and travel expenses

Requesting a quote please send us email to with your contact information and best time to call you back. If looking for repair service, please include a concise description of the issue, we will contact you either with the quote or requesting more detailed information on the issue.