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RH-200 Relative Humidity Generator


RH-200 A compact, bench-top RH Generator providing air/nitrogen flows with precision relative humidity for use with X-Ray Diffractometers, TGA, TMA and more.

The RH-200 unit, introduced by VTI Corporation over ten years ago, is now supplied, serviced and supported by L&C Science and Technology. This CE-marked, field-proven RH generator is the preferred instrument, when a precise and stable RH environment is required. With hundreds of units in operation worldwide, scientists have come to rely on its solid performance and flexibility in operation.

The RH-200 has a footprint of only 8“ wide x 14“ deep and height of 14“.

General Description

Custom RH Generatorss

Relative Humidity range from 3% to 95% RH, with control to ±1.0%RH

Optional Heated Transfer Lines available for 110 or 220 volts, 1 or 2 meters long, complete with heater, thermocouple and temperature controller

Temperature range from Ambient to 50°C at target instrument. Dew Point range from -25°C to 50°C. A chilled-mirror Dew Point Analyzer provides stable, accurate measurement

Optional Remote RH Sensor can monitor target instrument, recording the delivered %RH and temperature through the RH-200 software

Standard flow rate is 500 cc/min with options up to 5 liters/min. RH-200 uses two mass flow controllers to regulate the flow of dry and saturated gas

RH-200 is fully computerized, providing user-friendly LabWindows software with on-line graphics. Software allows for step variations in both temperature and RH

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