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Low Capacity PSA Testing Instrument

Designed for small sample evaluations using both dual-bed and single-bed testing operations


Model PSA-300LC The PSA-300LC is a uniquely designed, “low capacity” testing instrument for gas separation studies to evaluate small sample volumes of adsorbate material…with testing protocols for both dual-bed and single-bed R&D applications.

Each PSA-300LC Bench-Top Instrument is fully automated and provides innovative hardware and software for handling the most complex PSA studies with ease of operation, flexibility and safety.

  • PSA-300LC Bench-Top Testing Instrument with footprint 17½” wide by 19½” deep and height of 24½”.
General Description
PSA-300LC Series

Custom PSA Systems


The Model PSA-300LC Testing Instrument offers L&C's unique hardware configuration and proprietary software which simplify all levels of gas separation studies for “small sample size” materials evaluations. Fully automated testing protocols are provided, enabling the researcher to effectively and efficiently explore the complex “experimental matrix” of PSA studies…and for VSA work when used with optional vacuum pump.

This PSA test instrument handles materials evaluations for activated carbons, zeolites, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), molecular sieve materials and more… and is especially effective for mixed-bed testing applications and the study of adsorbate poisoning and critical time-cycling.

System design and materials of construction permit the evaluation of all types of gases and adsorbate materials for chemical, petrochemical, gas purification and energy-related applications in academic, industrial and government R&D laboratory settings.

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