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PSA Bench-TopTesting System Series

customizable for all levels of dual-bed, gas separation R&D


The new expanded Series of PSA-1000 Systems represents the only commercially available dual-bed R&D testing apparatus for materials and process evaluations for gas separation studies.

Each PSA-1000 Bench-Top System is fully automated and provides innovative hardware and software for handling the most complex PSA studies with ease of operation, flexibility and safety.

  • PSA-1000 Bench-Top Testing Panel with footprint 25-1/2” wide by 24” deep.
  • Separate Bench-Top Control Cabinet has 26-1/4” wide by 16-1/2” deep footprint.
General Description
PSA-1000 Series

Custom PSA Systems

Customizable Design Features of the PSA-1000 Series

Based on application, various bed diameters are available. Bed diameter can range from 1” to 2” dia. to provide gas flow rate ranges down to 1 - 25 liters/min and up to 5 – 700 liters/min.

Based on application, various bed heights are available to provide required bed volume. Examples: Bed height as low 18” for a 1” diameter system provides approx. bed volume down to 150cc…while bed height of 72” for a 2” diameter provides approx. bed volume up to 3500cc.

Common Features of all PSA-1000 Models

Pressure range up to 1200psia (83 bars) with controlled vacuum testing down to .1 Torrs and general vacuum functions for desorbing of materials.

Experimental temperature range is 5°C to 60°C with fully automated drying cycles to 375°C.

Precision temperature and pressure/vacuum control provided by system’s software.

Complete computer system provides all needed proprietary L&C software for broad range of PSA and VSA gas separation protocols.

Optional custom monitoring systems include gas chromatograph, mass spectrometer, etc.

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