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Consulting Services

L&C Science and Technology offers consulting services in the form of technical advise, application studies, customized instrumentation, experimental design and other services to R&D scientists in the field of materials evaluations.

Led by our Director of Research, Dr. Agustin F. Venero, L&C provides confidential technical consulting support and guidance in these areas

  • Pressure/Vacuum Swing Adsorption processes and materials evaluations
  • Temperature Swing Adsorption studies
  • Gas separation processes
  • Humidity and other vapor generation applications
  • Permeation of gases and vapors, such as hydrogen, methane and CO2
  • Instrumentation development for end-user research applications and OEM product development in areas related to L&C’s technical focus.

For a confidential review of your requirements and to schedule an initial complimentary telephone conference, please email Dr. Venero at and mark your email to his personal attention.